I Know We Only Met But Let's Pretend It's Love

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Tell me that I’m wrong but I do what I please

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midnight memories

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Happy 20th Birthday Harry!


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my edit is the crappiest compared to everything else out there but Happy Birthday Harry!! I had the wonderful and amazing chance of searching you up on google and spending a whole night watching videos of you and smiling and laughing. And now to this day, I’m in love with you. So crazy huh? You’re so beautiful, talented, spectacular, and everything nice. The amazing kindness in your heart never fails to make me happy. The way you are as a person is unique and special and there could never be anyone as different as you. You’re creative, funny, sweet, exceptional, breathtaking, and just simply lovely. I can’t believe you’re 20! It’s insane to think about. But anyway, I am so happy that you entered my life with you’re stumbly deer legs and floppy hair. You’re truly beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being my happiness every single day. I will never have anyone else like you in my life. Happy Birthday Harry, I love you. xx


that one time harry and niall reenacted the titantic +

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Happy 20th Birthday Harry Edward Styles!

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Happy Birthday Harry.

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Happy Birthday, Harry Edward Styles!

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